Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Trolls Trump Over His Debate Loss And Endless Fundraising Emails

09.27.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

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Former Mexican president Vicente Fox is no fan of Donald Trump. Early Tuesday morning, the politician took to Twitter to praise Hillary Clinton’s debate performance and criticize that of her opponent. Saying the American real-estate tycoon looked “afoul in front of a gracious Lady President,” Fox suggested that Trump “should go back to his doubtful business.”

Then, just hours after his remarks, Fox received a fundraising email from Donald Trump, something that has annoyed him before. “Have you no shame?” Fox asked, posting a screenshot of the letter. “Tell me what does losing feels like? Have a little dignity!”

The former Mexican head of state has been a vocal opponent of Trump’s ever since the Republican presidential nominee, whom he has compared to Hitler and called a “false prophet”, announced his candidacy. Back in May, Fox posted a series of tweets mocking the Republican presidential nominee for outsourcing manufacturing to China and Mexico.

In August, when Trump made a campaign stop in Mexico, Fox told CNN, “He is not welcome to Mexico. We don’t like him. We don’t want him. We reject his visit. I don’t understand why President Peña has offered this opportunity. I think it’s nothing more than a political stunt. Trump is using Mexico, using President Peña, to boost his sinking poll numbers.”

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