Did The GOP Announce A Mike Pence Debate Victory Before The Debate Even Began?

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10.04.16 2 Comments

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Somehow, this election has gotten even weirder. Following up last week’s misspelling of Hillary Clinton’s name at the first presidential debate, the GOP has announced Mike Pence the victor of the VP debates before they’ve even begun. VOX grabbed a screenshot of the announcement before it was taken down. In the announcement, GOP.com says that they “helped fact check and monitor the conversation in real time…”

That’s a bit confusing, considering the debates are live. Then they state, “the consensus was clear after the dust settled, Mike Pence was the clear winner of the debate.” Granted, they are saying the consensus was clear after the dust settled before the dust was even kicked up.



In addition to that victory announcement, they also have a myriad of blog posts pre-written and ready to go:

What’s most confusing is this over the backdrop of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump consistently stating that the election is “rigged against him.” Is this the GOP defying the powers-that-be in their own way, fighting against said alleged rigged system, or is this a rigged system in a manner of how Trump is “smart” for using loopholes to potentially not pay taxes for nearly two decades?

(Via VOX)

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