Watch Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Do Vegas In Their Final Debate Here

10.19.16 1 year ago

The third and final showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump takes place on Wednesday evening at 9:00pm EST, live from Las Vegas. The past fifteen months have been a long haul, and the ordeal isn’t over yet, but this will be the last time the two candidates will hammer out the issues together. Will we see a true discussion of substance tonight? If recent history is any indication, perhaps not.

The first debate functioned as a Trump-shaming session, although he did most of it to himself after Clinton set the ball rolling by bringing up his disparaging comments to women. Shortly thereafter, footage surfaced that showed Trump bragging about sexual assault. During the second debate, Trump denied to Anderson Cooper that he’d ever committed the acts he described. However, the past week has seen a deluge of alleged assault accounts of women who say Trump groped or otherwise inappropriately touched them.

Somehow, Trump’s disparaging treatment of women has ruled both debates so far, so there’s little reason to believe the trend won’t continue. Or will the candidates surprise us? They could tear each other down again, or perhaps — gasp — stick with the issues. One never knows with this election.

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