Watch Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump’s Crucial Second Debate Here

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A few short weeks have passed since the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. On that occasion, he clung to a presidential tone for about thirty minutes before caving to Trumpness, which the Clinton team may have anticipated. After whipping out Trump’s disparaging statements in the final segments, Clinton ended up winning “bigly,” and in the process, she launched a weeks-long feud between Trump and a former Miss Universe.

Since then, some tax docs dropped that sent Trump supporters into another round of defenses. And with Friday’s surfacing of Trump’s extremely lewd comments about women, most of his surrogates dropped by the wayside. Even his VP pick, Mike Pence, has condemned Trump’s words and appears to be waiting out this second debate before making another move.

With all of that considered, this is a crucial moment for the Trump campaign. Another bad debate performance after his most recent controversies could completely tank his prospects, so tonight remains even more unpredictable than usual. The Republican nominee hasn’t exactly been hunkering down and preparing while crisscrossing the country for nonstop rallies. Will he pull out Bill Clinton’s sex scandals? Will he shoot from the hip? Possibly both.

Thank you for joining us tonight as we present full coverage of this debate.

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