Here’s A Man Admitting He Set This House On Fire To The Local News

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11.23.14 2 Comments

This Rockville man, identified only as “Carlos” to the local ABC 7 affiliates, couldn’t be calmer as he admits to setting a home on fire. The man had his reasons, of course, and laid them out through a series of questions with the reporter on the scene. From WJLA:

Question #1: “How did you do it?”

“I just poured gasoline on the floor, set it on fire, went to grab a drink, and came back,” “Carlos” remarked without batting an eye.

Question #2: “How did setting this fire help you?”

“Just so you [the media] could get here … for your attention,” “Carlos” added…

Question #3: “Why didn’t you report the alleged deplorable conditions to police first?”

“I did. I did,” “Carlos” replied, adding no one took his complaints seriously.

Soon after he finished talking to reporters, “Carlos” calmly walked over to some nearby police and turned himself in. The look of surprise on the cop’s faces says it all:

You can see it all happen on camera via the clip above from neighboring WMAR ABC 2 in Baltimore, MD, but I would head over to WJLA’s story to get the full effect of what happened.

“Carlos” was indeed arrested on the spot and no one in the house was injured by the blaze. Neighbors, on the other hand, were a bit shocked. They should be happy it ended like it did because this could’ve went in a much more horrible direction.


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