Apple Enters The Gun Violence Debate By Replacing The Revolver Emoji With A Water Gun

News Writer
08.02.16 3 Comments

While it may not change the world, Apple seems to have taken baby steps to help start a discussion about gun violence in the U.S. In its latest round of updates, Apple has replaced its gun emoji with a harmless water pistol. But not everyone was happy with the change.

People have found varying uses for the cavalcade of emoticons available, but the gun emoji was used in a way to signify people were frustrated and finished with a situation. It seemed to be funny in the moment, but if you really think about it, it’s kind of dark. It has been subbed for a standard green water gun with a white trigger. Harmless, right? Well, a number of people are not thrilled they have to use a water gun to show they’re angry, and Fox News wasn’t impressed either.

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