Which Celebrity Do You Smell Like?

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If there is one thing that celebrities love to do it’s telling us what to do. Politics, social commentary, parenting, caring for the environment, texting while driving – you name it and there’s a celebrity with a ready opinion. But lately it seems like celebrities are trying their hardest to especially tell us all one huge thing – WE STINK. Countless celebrities are following the long tradition of creating their own fragrances, and they’re leaving it up to you to determine who you want to smell like.

First off, aspiring actress singer person who will take your money Kim Kardashian launched her own fragrance in New York last week, as she’s truly becoming quite the entrepreneur. Kim and her sisters, Kourtney and the other one, have also launched their own prepaid credit cards for teenagers. So now your kids can smell good while they’re ravaged by the lessons of APR. Kim devoted a great level of creativity to naming her perfume, perhaps invoking a name that she believes truly defines elegance – “Kim Kardashian.”

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber won’t be releasing his scent just yet, as his fans will have to wait until next summer, but don’t get your hopes up, fellas… Biebs is doing it for the ladies. The teen heart throb will buck the trends of most male celebs and release a perfume for his female groupies to douse themselves in until they turn 18 and realize how foolish they’ve been for the past 5 years. Bieber hasn’t given a name to his lady scent yet – and he has teamed with a charitable organization to produce it, that little angel – but he says he wants it to drive his female fans crazy. Trust me, dude, they’re way ahead of you.

But Bieber isn’t the only guy with the ladies on his mind, as Justin Timberlake is telling the pop prince to slow his role. Timberlake’s “Play For Her” celebrates the modern female with claims that the Givenchy-created fragrance removes the classic “fairytale feel” and tries something new. Justin also says that he thinks body odor is sexy, so maybe pick up a test strip on this one first.

Country sweetheart Taylor Swift is targeting the 2011 holiday season for her yet-to-be-named fragrance that will be created by Elizabeth Arden, creator of the immensely popular perfumes from Elizabeth Taylor and Britney Spears as well. When not asked for comment, Kanye West said that Beyonce’s fragrance is the greatest of all-time. Sorry, I was using my “Popular Jokes For Bloggers” 2009 edition.

Pop queen Katy Perry, fresh off her marriage to comedian Russell Brand, also just released her own perfume, named “Purr.” Aside from the obvious reasons of aircraft carriers full of cash and ridiculous brand notoriety, Perry agreed to add her name to the scent because she wanted to create a perfume that was totally unique and one-of-a-kind. Because when we think Katy Perry, we think unique.

Finally – at least for this news post – Coty, the world’s top fragrance manufacturer, has announced its latest partnership with Lady Gaga, after months of speculation that the pop icon was interested in creating her own perfume. Without a doubt, Gaga’s scent will match her unparalleled fashion sense, so her fans can expect something terrific. My fingers are crossed for freshly-baked cookies.


  • Kim Kardashian launches perfume line shockingly named “Kim Kardashian.” (Daily Mail)
  • Justin Bieber will drive girls crazy with his perfume, men with his music. (Hollywood Crush)
  • Justin Timberlake reminds Bieber who the real male perfume icon is. (Contact Music)
  • Taylor Swift teaming up with perfume giant for her adorable fragrance. (CBS News)
  • Katy Perry’s “Purr” introduced to fans of buggle gum pop, kitty cats. (In Style)
  • Lady Gaga signs with world’s largest fragrance manufacturer in quirky fashion. (IBT)



  • LilLuxe is promoting children’s clothing with endorsements from the kids of celebrities, thus raising these tykes to their own celebrity status. In related news, Kate Gosselin had three more kids and named them Osh, Kosh and b’Gosh. (Retail Digital)
  • Companies can now purchase insurance for their brands to protect them against celebrity endorsement disgrace. Finally, Buick is protected against all the people that stopped buying its cars because of Tiger Woods. (The Independent)



  • Elizabeth Taylor is the all-time celebrity queen of perfume, as her “White Diamonds” has been the industry standard for 20 years. In 2008, Taylor led the way with $67 million in sales. Runner-up? Sean “Diddy” Combs at $48.5 million with “Unforgivable.” (The Scented Salamander)
  • In a study of 23 Dutch women, scientists determined that celebrity endorsements in product advertisements invoke positive emotions and response in the group’s majority. That’s great news for my magazine, Dutch Women Weekly. (Miller-McCune)


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