White Supremacists Came Out In Full Force To Protest New Orleans’ Removal Of Confederate Statues

05.08.17 10 months ago 14 Comments

Sunday afternoon, white supremacist protesters clashed with a crowd of people celebrating the anticipated removal of a handful of Confederate statues that New Orleans lawmakers recently deemed symbols of white supremacy, racism, and hate. Some protesters — who were decked out in body armor and holding bats, shield, sticks, and Confederate flags — squared off against those who are happy to see the hateful statues removed.

The four major Civil War-era monuments will be replaced by symbols unrelated to the Civil War, which offends white supremacists and the far-right, both of whom see victories by the generals (depicted in the statues) as a reminder of great accomplishments. Local police and SWAT members stood between the two groups as tensions rose throughout the event, which happened to take lace on Jazz Day (to celebrate the genre of music that is synonymous with New Orleans). The Jazz Day event also coincided with the 299th anniversary of the city’s founding.

These photos and videos reveal the encounters between the two groups.

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