A White Trump Supporter Holds A ‘Blacks For Trump’ Sign, And The Internet Throws Up Its Hands

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10.25.16 14 Comments

On Tuesday, Donald Trump continued making his bid for Florida at a Sanford rally. The Republican nominee uttered his usual bombastic claims, including “There’s gonna be a lot of Brexit happening in a few weeks.” Considering how Trump reacted to Brexit, those aren’t promising words. Yet the main attraction of this rally happened to be a white woman standing behind Trump, who was holding a “Blacks for Trump” sign. He couldn’t have been more thrilled to see this display. “I love the signs behind me … blacks for Trump! I like those signs!” he exclaimed. “Blacks for trump, you watch. You watch.”

Naturally, Trump made these statements despite his checkered history with “the blacks.” His tone is similar to the time when he vowed to gain 99% of the black vote in 2020, but he’s trying to rewrite his narrative a little too transparently. These signs are now a fixture at Trump rallies, and Trump totes them too, along with “Women for Trump” signs. It’s a little awkward.

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