Why Does "Dead Rising 2" Represent Japan's Gaming Fail?

09.21.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Sweet Dreams!

What does a chainsaw-wielding clown have to do with the state of Japanese gaming?  Why did we introduce you to it?  The answers to all these questions and even more to leave you curled in a fetal position here at Uproxx News!

The biggest news out of the Tokyo Game Show is the pretty frank words of Keiji Inafune, a head honcho at Capcom who, in between his company announcing “Marvel Vs. Capcom 3” and getting people to play “Dead Rising 2”, said “Everyone is making awful games.”  Which is pretty unusual for a major executive to admit at his industry’s biggest trade shows, but points for being honest.

“Everyone” in question is the entire Japanese games industry, who haven’t exactly been turning out the world-shaking franchises for, say, the past decade and a half.  Inafune estimates they’re at least five years behind in Japan, something Nintendo is chuckling at as they sell another million Wiis and put up that solid gold obscene statue of Mario and Master Chief.

On the other hand, there’s absolutely no shortage of weird/interesting games that look like fun.  For example!

In other words, although Japan may be lagging, it still has a rich history of weirdness to draw on.  And, hey, we’d play “Yakuza 5”, Inafune.  Sure, we can kill zombies with a lightsaber in your game, but there’s no machine gun arm.  Feel shame!


  • The head of Capcom offers his considered opinion of the Japanese game industry…and all Capcom rolled out were sequels this year. Hmmmmm. (NY Times)
  • There’s one bright spot for the Japanese: the Tokyo Game Show had the highest attendance ever this year. (Gamasutra)



  • Hey, oddly, somehow, just somehow, “Halo: Reach” sold a lot of copies. Good news for the obscure but scrappy little series. (BBC)
  • Also, there are controller soaps. We question the existence of the Zapper soap, although we’re sure it’s very popular in prisons. (KOMO News)



  • In bad news for GameStop, digital downloads totalled 11.2 million in the first six months of the year. Physical copies purchased? 8.2 million. Probably because there’s no annoying prompt to buy a useless warranty. (Gamasutra)
  • Former Red Sox pitch Curt Schilling is getting $64 million from Rhode Island for creating 250 jobs there. And people in Rhode Island are griping about it. Really, Schilling should just buy the state; probably cheaper.  Also, in that image, that’s not art from Schilling’s MMO; that’s a catch at singles night in Pawtucket. (WPRI)


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