Why Everyone Should Care Who Won And Lost At The New Hampshire Primary

02.10.16 2 years ago 8 Comments

You may have heard that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. This Uproxx video shows why that matters.

New Hampshire is the first primary and the second voting contest in the long road toward a presidential nomination and therefore the general election. It’s enormously important in determining who will win. This is because in years without unopposed candidates, the New Hampshire primary predicted the Republican winner for the presidential nomination 50 percent of the time, while it predicted the nominee 60 percent of the time for the Democrats.

In addition, Hillary Clinton only winning 38 percent of the vote in New Hampshire underscores her inability so far to connect with younger voters. She’ll have to do better with that demographic to stay in the race. And finishing second place in the Republican primary has given John Kasich’s campaign a second wind, though who knows how well he’ll do in the upcoming Nevada primary. Meanwhile, Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina have already dropped out.

Another point of note is that Donald Trump has gotten his swagger back after his upsetting performance in Iowa. It’s also worth mentioning that Sanders and Trump have run as the anti-establishment choices in this race. One of them could end up occupying the White House next year.

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