Will Dualbooks Enhance Education?

10.14.10 7 years ago

One of my biggest complaints about going to school was always having to lug around a backpack with a bunch of big old books for my classes. Well, that and being so handsome that girls wouldn’t leave me alone. But mainly I was annoyed by my backpack constantly ripping because my Spanish textbook, “Churros y Chocolate”, carried more weight than the caloric intake of the delicious namesake. If only someone would use this angel called technology to develop something to save the children I will one day have with supermodel Marisa Miller from hernias and humpbacks.

And that someone may be enTourage, the self-proclaimed manufacturer of the world’s first dualbook. The Arab Academy in Egypt is giving its incoming students each an enTourage eDGe dualbook tablet to replace the traditional student textbooks. Each eDGe costs approximately $549 with textbook software prices starting around $15. The tablets can be used for surfing the Web, writing notes, playing games and getting high school students busted for looking at porn during class.

But while advancements in technology are being made in foreign academies, anger is being made in U.S. schools. A community health group in Washington DC has enraged parents after they gave a sex survey to 7th grade students at Hardy Middle School. The survey asked students if they know how to put on a condom, can recognize a STD and if they’ve used marijuana recently. The group, Metro TeenAIDS, and school officials admitted that they forgot to send the opt-out letter to parents in a timely manner, like, for instance, before the survey happened.

Finally, National Schools Film Week found itself at the center of a little Web site snafu this week when organizers registered the domain http://www.NSFW.org. Needless to say, those of us who have been blogging around these here interwebs can probably point out almost instantly the glaring problem with that web domain, but I’m not technically allowed to spell it out for you, so if you don’t get it, ask a friend. More to the point, ask a friend who likes to look at porn at work.


  • Arab Academy shifting textbooks to brand new eDGe dualbooks. (Kansas City Star)
  • Parents of DC 7th graders upset over school sex survey. [With Video] (My Fox DC)
  • National Schools Film Week picks Not Safe For Work domain. (The Register)



  • Farmers in Rwanda have discovered a potential solution to the country’s long-running bout with starvation and food shortages – hip hop music for pigs. By playing popular rap and hip hop music for their oinkers, the farmers have determined that the animals are happier, thus making the quality of their meat better. Are you down with other people’s pork? (Metro UK)
  • A 62-year old topless Portland woman was arrested after she attacked police with a meat cleaver. She reportedly told the cops that she was thankful they were there because “they” have been trying to kill her all day. Who are “they”? Rwandan gangsta rap pigs, of course. (KOMO News)



  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, 19 million new cases of STD infections are reported each year. Of those, half occur among people ages 15 to 24. So maybe don’t get so upset over your kids learning about STDs at early ages. (Family First Aid)
  • As of 2007, the Top 5 cities with the greatest frequency of bullying reports for grades K through 12 were California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Washington. Not making the cut was Florida, mainly because nobody makes it past grade 3. (Bullying Statistics)


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