Will This Ping News Be The Apple Of Your Eye, Or Just A Bad Pun?

09.04.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Keanu’s sad because he doesn’t like my headline. :(

Apple just unveiled a music-based social network named Ping, which is built into iTunes.  You can follow other music fans and discover new music with it or some such Web 2.0 buzzword linkkake party.  I kinda tuned out, but this is supposed to be bad for MySpace, who are trying to focus on music sharing instead of on 3GB animated .gif backgrounds that render text unreadable.  Facebook is also not enthusiastic about Ping.  They blocked Apple from using their open programming interfaces to help Ping users find their friends.  Facebook says this was to keep Apple from sending too much traffic to them at once, and they’re working with Apple to resolve it.  Meanwhile, there are two Mark Zuckerberg’s signed up at Ping.  The one with Zuckerberg’s picture on it is the fake one.  Man, I don’t know anyone who would do a parody of a well-known person on a social media site.  Nope, nobody I know does that.

Ping.fm — no relation to Apple’s Ping — just broke its record for most new accounts created in a day, thanks to being the second Google result for “Ping” (the first being the golfing brand PING).  The CEO of Ping.fm’s parent company Seesmic wouldn’t give exact subscription numbers, but did say the new accounts were being opened at about triple the average rate. The accounts help users post on several social media sites at once, so everybody can know about that rash.

Along with the Facebook and Ping.fm situations, Apple had another setback to contend with: spammers.  Ping must not have gotten the memo about spammers flooding social media sites, because they have no spam filters or URL filters, nor do they require iTunes users to have a valid credit card to create an account and start using Ping to ping the hell out of people with scam links for “free iPhones” and bigger parts of their certain anatomy.  They do allow users to report a post as spam.  I hope they add a button to report other users as functionally illiterate and ban those people, too.  We can dream.


  • Apple introduces their new social network “Ping” (BusinessInsider)
  • Facebook isn’t happy about Ping. (NYTimes)
  • Unrelated site Ping.fm, on the other hand, should be very happy. (TechCrunch)
  • Spammers already running wild on Ping. (Sophos)



  • So something called the “World Gravy Wrestling Championships” happened in Lancashire, England this week, which I am obligated to mention if for no other reason than to tag a post “GRAVY WRESTLING”.  That’ll do, internet. That’ll do. (Newslite, with video)
  • The wife of a trapped Chilean miner just found out about his mistress when they both showed up to the same vigil.  He might just want to stay down there. (Neatorama)
  • Kyle Dubois, an 18-year-old high schooler in New Hampshire, is suing his school for not warning him that he would get brain damage when he attached clamps to his nipples then plugged them into a wall.  Yeah.  He actually did that.  Are they sure the brain damage wasn’t a pre-existing condition? (PostChronicle, with video)
  • Venezuelan politician Gustavo Rojas is raffling off breast implants to raise money for his campaign.  I hope his plan doesn’t go t*ts up. He’d feel like a real boob if it did.  Melons. (Arbroath)



  • The new Apple iPod Nano was also announced this week, so here’s an infographic about how the design and price has changed over the years.  We are living in the future. (DVICE)
  • After a Redditor explained how he designed infographics as part of a keyword-spamming operation, Buzzfeed made an infographic to explain how the infographic-spam industry works.  We need to go deeper. (Buzzfeed)
  • Speaking of infographics made by keyword-gaming websites, here’s an overview of Apple. (Visualoop)


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