A ‘YouTube Star’ Claims Delta Kicked Him Off A Plane For Speaking Arabic

12.21.16 1 year ago 8 Comments

Early Wednesday morning, a newly viral video — which comes with a slight language warning — showed “YouTube star” Adam Saleh and a companion leaving a Delta flight. Speaking into his phone’s camera, Saleh gave his version of events. He claimed that “white” people complained about feeling uncomfortable after overhearing him “speaking a different language.” He detailed how he spoke Arabic to his mother on the phone, which he said resulted in Delta telling him to leave. Saleh claimed to be near tears, and some passengers expressed disgust at the men’s ejection while others can be seen saying, “Bye.”

According to Gothamist, the flight was scheduled to depart from London’s Heathrow airport to New York City at around 11:00 am local time. After the ejection, Saleh filmed a Periscope video, in which he stated that passengers complained that he was being “kind of loud,” and “people didn’t like it.” Saleh insisted that he wasn’t being loud and deserved a warning before a booting.

Saleh continued to live-tweet his account (which he said included a police visit, an extra security screening, and a significant delay) for hours.

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