A Chilling YouTube Video May Be The Missing Link In The Cold Case Of A Teen’s 2009 Disappearance

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10.11.16 27 Comments


NOTE: See below for update!

Police in Antigo, Wisconsin are looking into the possible connection between a recently surfaced YouTube video and the August 2009 disappearance of a 15-year-old girl named Kayla Berg. The video was uploaded to a YouTube account called “Hi Walter! Its me Patrick!” two months after Berg disappeared, and until very recently, has laid dormant and undiscovered as the sole video to the account.

In the nearly one minute long clip, the above likely 30-something man addresses someone named “Walter” and tells a story about meeting a girl at the mall, who he takes shopping to J. C. Penney and Kay Jewelers. Finally he asks “Walter” if he wants to see his girlfriend, and he then turns the camera to the door of what appears to be a bathroom, which he opens to reveal a young woman bound and gagged, screaming on the floor.

Antigo Police Department

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