Orthodontists Want To Get Their Hands On Alana Haim Since ‘Licorice Pizza’

Alana Haim had a breakout role as the star of last year’s Licorice Pizza, as is now well-known. The Haim member’s on-screen success can be attributed to a number of factors, including her Golden Globe-nominated acting skills and her distinct look. Part of that idiosyncrasy is her teeth, which some might say aren’t aesthetically “perfect” by traditional standards. In fact, it turns out a number of orthodontists, aka folks in the business of “perfect” teeth, have actually reached out to Haim in an effort to take a crack at working on her mouth.

Haim was on Late Night yesterday and during her chat with Seth Meyers, the host asked Haim if her newfound acting success has brought a new set of fans. Haim responded with a laugh:

“I’m a young, 30-year-old, single gal, so what do you do when you’re a young, 30-year-old, single gal? You go on Instagram and maybe peruse your messages. […] Funny enough, you know who reaches out the most? Orthodontists. The world… everyone is concerned about my teeth. I’ve gotten over ten DMs from orthodontists asking if I need help and can they please fix my teeth? And I love my teeth. I love my teeth. And I have a snaggletooth and I’m very proud of my snaggletooth, but the world of dentistry is not pleased.”

Meyers pointed out that, like himself, Haim actually had braces, and Haim continued, “I had braces for four years, and this is what my teeth… I don’t know if you can zone in on my teeth, but this is what my teeth look like.” The shot then started slowly zooming in on Haim’s face as she excitedly flashed her pearly whites and pointed to them.

She and Meyers had some good fun during their ten-minute conversation, so check it out above.