Billie Eilish And Alicia Keys Duet On ‘Ocean Eyes’ As Keys Hosts ‘The Late Late Show’

James Corden is filming a movie at the moment, which means that he will not be available to fulfill his The Late Late Show hosting duties between now and December 18. He has recruited a strong roster of guest hosts to fill in for him, though, including Alicia Keys, Chance The Rapper, Harry Styles, Melissa McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Jeff Goldblum. Keys took the reigns for last night’s episode, and she had some fun moments with guest Billie Eilish.

During their chat (that also included Allie Wong), Keys asked if Eilish saw the cover of “Ocean Eyes” she posted on Instagram, to which Eilish answered, “I saw it. That sh*t crazy! It was weird because I see a lot of covers and I see a lot of covers of that song, and I’ve also adored you my entire life, so I see a lot of videos of you, so it was like one thing that is normal and another thing that’s normal in my life combined, and that was super not normal to see.” After that, Eilish surprised Keys with a video of herself covering “Fallin'” at a talent show when she was 12 years old, and Keys was blown away by the clip.

Later in the show, the two also performed “Ocean Eyes” together, with Keys making use of her desk that transforms into a piano for the performance. Elsewhere in the program, Keys, Eilish, and Wong also played a round of “Taller Or Shorter,” in which they have to guess the heights of a lineup of people whose bodies they can’t see.

Watch Eilish and Keys on The Late Late Show above.