Britney Spears Calls For ‘Redistribution Of Wealth’ During The Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s Britney, b*tch — and during the Coronavirus pandemic she’s got some class solidarity to add to her already impressive resume.

While pop stars like Ariana Grande have been donating their wealth, and others like Taylor Swift have been warning their fans to take it seriously — oh and don’t forget Cardi B, declaring her fear and sharing conspiracy theories — Spears has a different approach altogether.

“Communion goes beyond walls 🌹🌹🌹,” the singer captioned a post on Instagram featuring the words of writer Mimi Zhu. Spears saw the post because it was regrammed by Refinery 29, but still, it’s a big look for Mimi to get a shout out from Brit, and it’s still a big deal for a wealthy pop star to throw her clout behind ideas like redistributing wealth.

“During this time of isolation, we need connection now more than ever,” Mimi wrote. “Call your loved ones, write virtual love letters. Technologies like virtual communication, streaming and broadcasting are part of our community collaboration. We will learn to kiss and hold each other through the waves of the web. We will feed each other, re-distribute wealth, strike. We will understand our own importance from the places we must stay. Communion moves beyond walls. We can still be together.”

Check out the full post via Britney below, and give Mimi a follow on Instagram if her words resonate with you. Oh and Brit, if you’re reading this, tag the creator of the post, okay?

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Communion goes beyond walls 🌹🌹🌹

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