BTS Have A New Song, ‘IONIQ: I’m On It,’ Which They Wrote For A Car Commercial

BTS have teamed up with South Korean automaker Hyundai for promotional endeavors before, but they went above and beyond for the latest campaign. Hyundai is launching a new electric vehicle line-up brand, IONIQ, and they got BTS to write a song, “IONIQ: I’m On It,” and film a video for it. Although it’s a song for a commercial, the group took the track seriously, and the result is a fun, disco-inspired tune that stands evenly alongside their beloved discography.

Hyundai notes that each member of the group has “lyrics that reflect a new future.” Those are “time of newness” (V), “time of adventure” (Jungkook), “time of inner self” (RM), “time of hope and encouragement” (Suga), “time of emotion” (Jimin), “time of creation and inspiration” (J-Hope), and “time of continuous effort” (Jin).

RM said of the song, “For this special project, we have all focused on individual moments that are important to us. For me, time for inner self is extremely important, I believe we all need time for reflection to be able to grow.” Suga added, “We hope this song will inspire everyone to find time for what matters most and they can do the right thing for a cleaner future.” Jimin also said, “Individually we all look for different things in life, but collectively we come together for a better future.”

Watch the “IONIQ: I’m On It” video above.