Camila Cabello Lets Her Unrequited Rage Out On Her Emotional New Single ‘Cry For Me’

It’s not clear exactly when yet, but at some point this year, Camila Cabello is set to release her second album, Romance. So far, she has shared “Shameless” and “Liar” from the album, and now she has unveiled a third single, “Cry For Me.” On the upbeat tune, Cabello wishes her former lover was as upset about their break-up as she is, as she sings on the chorus, “You haunt me when I’m dreamin’ / And it’s time you know the feeling / So cry for me.”

Cabello wrote of the song on Instagram, “i wrote a song back when I was 16 called I’m pissed off you’re happy, about a situation where someone and I broke up and sooner than I expected, they moved on, they were having fun and happy and dating and i was just like…. what the hell, that didn’t take very long. I took that idea and put it into this song, the feeling nobody likes to admit about feeling wild with jealousy. I wrote this one a few months ago and it’s been one of my favorites for a while. now get your mascara and scream and cry and rage and rip your photos and delete whoever you’re thinking of’s texts to this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Cabello previously said of Romance, “These songs are basically the story of my life the past couple years and the stories I’ve accumulated — I knew for a long time I wanted my album to be called Romance because these stories are about falling in love.”

Listen to “Cry For Me” above.