Camila Cabello Sings ‘Living Proof’ And Some Google Translated Songs On ‘The Tonight Show’

Thursday was a big day in music on late night TV. The Weeknd gave a stunning performance of “Heartless” on The Late Show, Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks joined forces on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kacey Musgraves was on The Late Late Show, Jennifer Lopez was a guest on The Tonight Show, and on that same episode, Camila Cabello also made her presence known. She gave a flowery performance of “Living Proof” (as in she was literally surrounded by walls of roses and rose-covered dancers) and sat down for a chat and some games with Jimmy Fallon.

For one of the games, Cabello was tasked with singing some popular songs, except the lyrics had been fed through Google Translate. Her first song was Billie Eilish’s “Bad Buy,” the title of which was altered to “Evil Young Boy” after being translated to another language and then back to English. She couldn’t help but laugh through it, especially with lyrics like, “Your mom gets kind of weird / My daughter’s a dessert / Eliminate your dad / I’m an evil boy, ghosts.”

They also took time to answer some rapid-fire questions about romance (in reference to her new album Romance), and she revealed the worst pick-up line anybody ever tried on her: “You’re like my coffee: brown and hot.” She also talked about her relationship with Shawn Mendes, saying how things were awkward at first because they were friends before becoming romantically involved, and that it took her a long time to be able to call him “baby.”

Watch clips from Cabello’s appearance on The Tonight Show above.