Charli XCX Goes Full Hip-Hop With Tommy Genesis On ‘Bricks’

Around this time last year, the film Assassination Nation made its theatrical debut, and Charli XCX fans may have noticed that she had a song in the movie. The track wasn’t released alongside the film, but now, over a year later, “Bricks,” by Charli and Tommy Genesis, is finally out. The song sees Charli fully embracing hip-hop, opting to rap her brick-stacking hook instead of singing.

This isn’t the first time Charli and Genesis have worked together. Last September, Charli hopped on Genesis’ remix of “100 Bad,” and Genesis also provided support on Charli’s tour earlier this year.

Genesis previously told Uproxx of working with Charli on “100 Bad,” “The original version dropped in July, but then I connected with Charli. We were making music for some other stuff, and when I had played it, she liked it, so I sent it to her, and she got on it. I love listening to Charli’s music, so I just preferred that version. When I was going to listen to the song, I would play that version, not the other one, because to me, she definitely brought something to the song. To me, that version was better, so that’s the version I put on the album.

Listen to “Bricks” above, and revisit our interview with Genesis here.

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