Christina Aguilera Celebrates 40 With An Important Message About The Stigma Of Aging

Today is a special occasion for Christina Aguilera — it’s her 40th birthday! The pop star definitely had a lot on her mind for this momentous occasion, and in a tweet simply captioned “Arriving at 40,” Aguilera went on to share her thoughts on turning the milestone age.

“Dear 40,” she began. “What a beautiful concept… to not only be “turning” 40, but to be ARRIVING at 40! This ever-present social stigma exists around getting older, but I have ALWAYS embraced it! I am forever an old soul and I appreciate the wisdom, grace and beauty that comes with each new year of life. I treasure the growth that comes with age and I welcome the knowledge from the greats that came before me; I get lost in each of their uniquely fascinating stories and experiences… all of which have contributed to my own personal journey.

After a whirlwind of a year, in which we all have experienced so much change, I find that our personal choices matter more than ever. We have to be brave; we have to stand in the discomfort and push ourselves to new heights where we can find our greater purposes.

I have always faced my life challenges head on, and what I have learned from doing that for 40 years is that I always come out on the other side as a stronger and wiser person.

It’s hard to express the magnitude of this birthday and what it means to me. Our world has been flipped upside down yet I have so much faith in the future. I’m deeply humbled and blessed by the fullness of my life that I’ve built over the last 40 years, and I’m truly excited to see what adventures lie ahead for man I continue following my heart and my dreams.

I’ve heard it said that some of your best life is lived in your 40’s. You stop giving a fuck about all the bullshit… clarity comes over you, and a new intention sets in with every move you make. I truly believe the best is yet to come and I am READY for it.

Now as a grown woman who has endured, overcome, created and powered through so much… I am not just turning 40, but ARRIVING at 40! So many stories yet to be told and revealed. I am at a place in my life where I own who I have been. I embrace the new woman I am today, and I look forward to the new chapters that will shape who I become.

To the rare and beautiful souls who have stood by me for over 20 years and counting, I am eternally grateful for you. I am blessed to have the most solid friended around me, a team I believe in that makes me feel supported and heard and of course, my family; my baby boy and girl, the most incredible children one could ever imagine! My heart is full. So, 40, let’s fucking do this. You have no idea what I have planned for you, I hope you’re ready.


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