A Shooting Broke Out At A Diplo Concert In Brazil And Led To Multiple Injuries

Diplo was set to perform at a carnival in Sao Paulo, Brazil yesterday (February 25), but he was forced to duck for cover and rush to safety after a shooting reportedly broke out before his set began.

Brazilian publication UOL reports that the situation began when a man in the audience tried to steal somebody else’s chain. The alleged victim then pulled out a gun and shot the reported thief, while a female friend of the alleged thief was also shot after getting caught in the crossfire.

A statement from the Sao Paulo Public Security Secretariat reportedly says, “The first information indicates that the victim reacted by shooting at the criminal, who was taken to Saboya hospital. A woman was also hit and rescued at Hospital das Clínicas. The [incident] will be recorded by the 14th DP, who will investigate all the circumstances.”

The shots rang out as Diplo, who was on top of a truck moving through the crowd, was filming the audience for his Instagram Story. In one clip, the crowd is excitedly dancing to music, and in the next, everybody is still and a person near the camera can be heard saying, “Everyone out of the way.” Photos from the event show Diplo ducking for cover.

Amauri Nehn, a photographer at the event, told UOL (translated via Google), “Diplo was on top of the [truck] before introducing himself, taking pictures of the crowd. Someone heard a shot and warned the people who were on top of the [truck] to duck. Then I took the photos of the security guard protecting him. There was a boy who was hit in the abdomen and another girl who was hit in the leg.”

It seems Diplo was unharmed, as he later posted a video of where he was staying to his Instagram Story. He has yet to publicly address the situation.

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