Photos Of Harry Styles Dressed As Ariel From ‘The Little Mermaid’ Surface And Promptly Go Viral

When a host guests on Saturday Night Live, part of their activities for the week is a photoshoot, the photos from which are used in promotional images for the episode. When Harry Styles was on SNL in 2019, Styles donned a pink ballerina tutu and tights for some of these photos. Now, as Page Six notes, some other Styles photos from that week on the show have surfaced after an apparently leak, and in them, Styles is dressed in a full-on Ariel from The Little Mermaid outfit, complete with long red hair, a shell bra, and a mermaid tail. (Interestingly, he was once attached to a live-action remake of the film, although he didn’t end up getting involved.)

Now these images have made the rounds on Twitter, and naturally, they’ve become a topic of conversation. They began trending on Twitter and the reactions have been plentiful.

This comes after Styles was a major talking point in the final months of 2020 when he wore a dress in a magazine photo shoot. Fox News and conservative personalities weren’t in love with the look, while others heaped praise on Styles for being himself in spite of societal norms.

Check out some more reactions to the photos below.