James Corden Doesn’t Really Drive In His ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Episode With Justin Bieber And Fans Are Losing It

Carpool Karaoke has become a staple on the pop star press circuit, and for good reason! It’s a welcome break from the now-formulaic late show interview, it’s much more interesting to hear stars sing and chair-dance alongside a ham like James Corden, and it’s hilarious to watch what other music the most famous musicians in the world select to perform aside from their own. Plus, it’s in a car, driving around the city — stars, they’re just like us. Except, they’re not just like us, because none of us exist in a world where our car is pulled around by a truck and surrounded with cameras filming our lip syncing.

In a fan-shot video shared online this week, the internet finally got to see how the sausage is made for Carpool Karaoke, no, James Corden doesn’t actually drive himself! At least not in this most recent episode. After all, he has to focus on singing and being in the presence of some of the most famous people on earth! A truck is pulling the car to help keep everything steady for the cameras, and honestly, probably for legal reasons. But seeing the facade broken down had fans of the show buzzing about the setup. Justin Bieber will appear in the next episode of the show, perhaps they’ll address this new development there.