Jennifer Lopez And Shakira Say Their Super Bowl Halftime Show Selection ‘Sends An Important Message’

Yesterday, it was announced that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will be headlining the Super Bowl LIV halftime show in 2020. Now the two have spoken about their selection in an interview clip that aired during the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles last night, and they said that they think their performance means a lot for Latinos and women.

Lopez begins the video, “I love that it’s in Miami — it is a very Latino town — and that they picked the two of us.” Shakira chimed in, “I feel incredibly honored and humbled to be, in a way, next to J. Lo representing the Latino community that is such an important force in the United States.”

Lopez continued, “I love that the Super Bowl has two women performing this year, that they have two Latinos performing this year. For me, it’s their 100th anniversary, but it’s also the marker of a new time, not just for the NFL, but for this country. [It] sends an important message to everyone.” Shakira added, “It’s going to mean a lot for our community, here in the US and abroad.” Lopez then added, “And for women.”

The two also talked some about what their plans for the show are, with Lopez saying, “At the end of the day, it’s about making a statement of love and unity, and make everybody come together, just for a moment, and hopefully that that resonates for a long time.” She went on to say, though, that she and Shakira don’t exactly know what their performance will be like yet, but that they’re looking forward to figuring that out.

Watch the interview clip above.