Jennifer Lopez Teases Her Super Bowl Performance With Shakira On ‘The Tonight Show’

As far as music, Jimmy Fallon had a packed episode of The Tonight Show yesterday. He spent a bunch of time with Camila Cabello (who also performed), and also guesting on the program was Jennifer Lopez. Naturally, the two talked about her upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show performance with Shakira, and Lopez spoke a bit about how things will go on February 2 in Miami.

Fallon said there is “a little time” for her to get prepared for the performance, and Lopez interjected, “It’s really not, because we have Christmas, and then you’re back in January, and it’s literally February 2nd, so it’s going to happen quickly, I feel like.”

She also said of the performance, “It’s down in Miami, and we’re going to bring that flavor.” Fallon then asked what the process of putting on the show come game day will be like, and Lopez answered, “They have like 29 minutes for the whole halftime, halftime is like 29 minutes exactly, and so they have to put up the stage, we perform, and then take down the stage. So you wind up having anywhere between 12 and 14 minutes, and so we’re probably going to split that between us and then have some great guests hopefully.”

Lopez then came back with a real zinger after Fallon joked that she would also be playing in the game, responding, “Yeah, tight end.”

Watch the interview above.