Julia Michaels’ ‘Body’ Video Is A Stripped-Down Look At The Challenge Of Self-Acceptance

Singer-songwriter Julia Michaels has released the video for her song “Body.”

“Body,” off Michaels’ latest EP Inner Monologue Part 2, is a deeply personal track about the difficulty of self-love. While Michaels is at war with herself, she imagines a conversation with a lover. While Michaels sees her body with a critical eye, the person who loves her sees only beauty worth celebrating.

The video for “Body” is as intimate as the song. Michaels appears alone, facing the camera with a stark white background and writing around a pink-lit bedroom. The camera is kinetic, really putting you in Michaels’ point of view as she wars with the voice in her head saying she’s not good enough.

“In the video for ‘Body,’ I came up with the idea to start in a bunch of layers, and by the end I’m completely stripped. The second verse of the song is me talking about how I cover up. I wear big, oversized sweatshirts so that I can cover my body. I do all these things to make me feel more comfortable in my own skin, but really it’s making me more uncomfortable when I take it off because I’m constantly masking myself. I wanted to show people how I am versus how I could be.”

Watch the video for “Body” above.