Kacey Musgraves Has A Somber Time Performing ‘Christmas Makes Me Cry’ On ‘Ellen’

Kacey Musgraves is in the midst of promoting her recently released holiday special, The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show, and now she has stopped by Ellen for a performance of one of the special’s songs. She performed “Christmas Makes Me Cry,” which DeGeneres sarcastically described as “the most cheerful holiday song you’ll ever hear.” It is indeed a somber tune, on which Musgraves sings about the sad side of the holiday season: “It’s the ones we miss, no one to kiss under the mistletoe / Another year gone by, just one more that I, I couldn’t make it home.”

She also sat down for a chat with DeGeneres, and Musgraves recounted the story of Tom’s One Hour Photo & Lab, a struggling photo lab in Los Angeles to which she gave a signal boost this summer. She spoke about the Christmas special as well, saying that it won’t be an annual thing because it “nearly killed” her. Despite that, she said it was “great” and “really special.”

She also touched on why she thinks Golden Hour was such a success, saying, “These songs came at a time, I think, when we all needed a little bit of an escape from the chaos and the craziness of the political world, the social world, whatever. I wanted the record to be a bit of a hiding place from that, and for me, it was, and I think it was for a lot of other people too.”

Watch Musgraves chat with DeGeneres and perform “Christmas Makes Me Cry” above.