A Tough Break-Up Fuels Newfound Strength In Kim Petras’ ‘Icy’ Video

In the lead-up to Clarity, Kim Petras released practically every song from the album as a single, and she recently returned with yet another one, “Icy.” Now she has shared a video for the emotional banger, and in it, she finds herself trapped in a glass box, which forces her to evolve.

Petras says of the video, “I wanted the visual to feel fresh and signify becoming a stronger version of myself. The video starts with me feeling trapped and watched in a glass box, but as it progresses, I escape and evolve into a bionic version of myself through the pain of heartbreak.”

Petras also previously explained how the song came about after a difficult break-up, saying, “I kind of didn’t realize the amazing things that had happened along the way. Which was… me doing things by myself. Me kind of realizing what direction of music I wanted to go in… and the idea just kind of struck that all of the negative stuff, all of my heart kind of going cold, was actually a positive thing. It kind of made me realize the power that I have without you. […] Whoever broke your heart made you into a badder b*tch and a better person. You can do anything. I hope it just makes you feel good about yourself. Even though it’s a little heartbreak-y and it’s a little like my heart is icy now, but that can be a good thing.”

Watch the “Icy” video above, and read our review of Clarity here.