King Princess’ New Single ‘Hit The Back’ Is ‘The Anthem For Bottoms Everywhere’

King Princess has been teasing her new album Cheap Queen for a good portion of this year, since she shared the title track in May. Between then and now, she has also released the advance tracks “Prophet” and “Ain’t Together,” and now she has shared another one. King Princess released “Hit The Back” today, and she calls it “the anthem for bottoms everywhere.”

The track starts as an intimate piano ballad before it transforms into a more upbeat and dance-ready tune in the chorus. The chorus gets at the heart of the song’s message, as she sings, “Ain’t I the best you had? / And I’ll let you throw it down, hit the back / Tell me you need respect / ‘Cause you know that I’m around, I’m your pet / Ain’t I the best you had?”

Princess said of Cheap Queen in a recent interview, “If you listen through, you’re gonna get the story, and really enjoy it. I want a f*cking saga, honey! I want a five paragraph thesis, girl! I want content! Start to finish! […] There’s a lot of big instrumental moments, and there’s a lot of rock-out moments. For me, that connects my live shows and my record. These kids have been listening to these songs live without a recorded version.”

Listen to “Hit The Back” above.

Cheap Queen is out 10/25 via Zelig/Columbia Records.