King Princess Again Proves Herself To Be A True Creative With Her Bizarre Video For ‘Prophet’

King Princess hasn’t been a part of the pop landscape for very long, but she’s already established her footing in it just fine. Her first singles only came in 2018, but already, she has collaborated with Mark Ronson on his Late Night Feelings single “Pieces Of Us,” and she has an album of her own, Cheap Queen, on the way at some point this year.

She has released a pair of singles from the album so far: The title track, and “Prophet,” the latter of which she called “one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.” Now she has a new video for the track, and it goes all over the place. From there, she finds herself performing at a high-class dinner, and working at a construction site. Finally, we’re treated to a POV perspective of a cake being baked, only to find out that King Princess herself has somehow been turned into a cake, to be eaten alive by a smiling group of people.

It’s certainly not unprecedented for King Princess to get creative with her videos. She previously shared a clip for “Cheap Queen,” and in it, she inserted herself into a bunch of bizarre, made-up TV programs, like one where she sings to a floating sandwich.

Watch the video for “Prophet” above.