Niall Horan Kicks Off His ‘Late Late Show’ Takeover Week With A Performance Of ‘Nice To Meet Ya’

Every now and again, James Corden has a guest take over an episode or even an entire week of The Late Late Show. That time is upon us again, and this time, it’s Niall Horan, who began his week-long takeover of the program last night.

Monday’s episode began with a cold open sketch, during which Corden is asleep in his bed at 5 in the morning. Horan, whose intentions are surely good, sits next to Corden, watching him sleep with a loving smile on his face. He startles Corden awake and explains, “It’s Niall week, James, we’re going to spend a whole week together!”

Elsewhere on the show, he performed his jaunty Heartbreak Weather lead single “Nice To Meet Ya,” and the rocking track’s ’90s Britpop influences really shone through in a live setting.

Horan also sat down for an interview with Corden (alongside fellow guest Thandie Newton), and during the chat, they revisited old footage of a visibly younger Horan performing with One Direction on X-Factor. Horan couldn’t watch without showing his embarrassment, and he reflected, “Those performances haunt me, but I wouldn’t be here without them.”

Watch clips from Horan’s appearance on The Late Late Show above and below.

Heartbreak Weather is out 03/13 via Universal. Pre-order it here.