Robyn Looks Back On Her ‘Unforgettable’ London Shows With A New Mini Concert Film

In support of Honey, her first album in eight years, Robyn has spent a lot of time touring. Earlier this year, she headed to London’s Alexandra Palace for a pair of shows on April 12 and 13, and now she has captured a few moments from those performances in a new mini concert film, Robyn – Live At Alexandra Palace.

Robyn wrote while sharing the video, “Ally Pally was unforgettable. Feels like ages ago in this mad tour life.”

Robyn also recently shared some thoughts about how it has been touring in 2019, writing in a series of tweets, “Ive been touring all my life, before I did it myself, I toured with my parents theater group. I dont know if its actually something Ive chosen or if its just something I was raised in to, but Im good at it. I enjoy the repetition and the controlled chaos that appears after something like 20 or 30 times of doing the same thing (rehearsals not included). The band I have been working with this time is the best band I have ever played with and the crew we work with are as well. They all bring so much to every show; care and joy. Also, the audiences we have performed for this year have been special. Ive felt that you’ve urged us/me to be specific, like you have recognized something in the intention I had of making a soft and still urgent show and I am amazed and really happy about that.”

Watch Robyn – Live At Alexandra Palace above, and read our review of Honey here.