Shakira Is Honored To Represent Latinos With Her Super Bowl Performance On Her Birthday

When it comes time for the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, the two headlining performers taking the stage will be Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Alex Rodriguez recently revealed that Lopez was moved to tears when she was offered the gig, and now Shakira has taken some time to speak about the performance. She said she feels a “great responsibility” to represent Latinos all over the world, and that she’s excited that the game is on February 2, which happens to be her birthday.

When asked what she’s able to reveal about the halftime show, Shakira told Billboard:

“It’s going to happen on my birthday, so I’m excited about that, I’ll be celebrating it with I don’t know how many people watch it, I think it’s some absurd number like 100 million people. So there’s a little bit of pressure of course to do things right. I’m going to put everything in my power, everything I’m capable of into this task and try to deliver an amazing show like the American audience deserves. I feel that this is a great responsibility too, because I’m representing the Latinos, those who are born in the US and those who have been born abroad. It’s a big day for Latins, because the Super Bowl is such an important stage in the world, and being there with that purpose just makes it all the more exciting and grand. We’re waiting for the producers to give us orders about what we can and cannot do [laughs]. But I feel that I’m in great company, and I really hope that things work out. We are really going to try and put a killer show together, the best we can.”

Shakira also spoke about her upcoming El Dorado concert film, so read the full interview here.