Shania Twain Celebrated Brad Pitt’s Birthday With A Joke About One Of Her Song Lyrics

Today is the 57th birthday of silver screen icon Brad Pitt, long considered to be the scion of male beauty in America culture. So much so that in her intrepid hit “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” released in 1997, which was almost 25 years ago, namechecks him as the kind of guy to not be impressed by.

Her point in the verse singling out Brad is that simply being really, really ridiculously good looking wasn’t enough to impress her, and that there are other things more important than looks in making a relationship work. But, it is kind of harsh to single someone out by name in a song about not being impressed with men, so in honor of Brad’s birthday, Shania logged onto to Twitter dot com to make a little joke celebrating Brad: “Happy Birthday to Brad Pitt, I’ll make an exception for today,” she wrote.

While Brad is yet to respond, plenty of fans got the joke and helped the tweet go viral, so odds are he’ll see it eventually. And for those of you who have yet to discover — or rediscover — the lovable misandry of this late-90s hit, I’m including it below. Shania might be enteriing her golden years now, but we’ll always have that leopard look.