Sia Details The Infidelity She Experienced During Her Relationship With Shia LaBeouf

In December, FKA Twigs stepped forward with accusations of sexual battery, assault, and “relentless abuse” against actor Shia LaBeouf. The singer — born Tahliah Debrett Barnett — filed a lawsuit against LaBeouf with help from Karolyn Pho, another previous ex-girlfriend of the actor who corroborated the singer’s accounts. Shortly after, Sia revealed that LaBeouf “conned” her into an “adulterous” relationship. More than two months later, she returned with additional details about the infidelity she experienced during her relationship with the actor.

“It turns out he was using the same lines on me and Twigsy, and eventually we found out because we ended up talking to one another,” Sia claimed during an interview with The Sunday Times. “Both of us thought we were singly dating him.” She added that in addition to her and Barnett’s assumptions being incorrect, LaBeouf was also married during his concurrent relationships with the singers. Sia also revealed that he “wanted to marry me and live a sober life” with her. Despite this, she said she will always “love him because he’s such a sick puppy.”

The new statement comes after Sia praised FKA Twigs for stepping forward against LaBeouf. “I believe he’s very sick and have compassion for him AND his victims. Just know, if you love yourself- stay safe, stay away,” she said. “Also I love you ⁦ @FKAtwigs ⁩ This is very courageous and I’m very proud of you.”