A UFC Fighter Accidentally Got Beyoncé’s ‘Halo’ As His Walk-Up Song — So He Sang Along

As UFC fighter Mike Perry began walking out to his UFC 255 bout, something unexpected happened. Instead of hearing his chosen song, Perry was surprised that “Halo” was playing. It’s unclear what song he expected to walk out to, but usually the songs are fierce, pump up anthems, not a ballad like “Halo.” Yet, it all worked out for the fighter, who went with it and began singing along to the emotional track while he prepped:

It takes a certain kind of guy to roll with the punches (heh) in a situation like this, and both fans of Perry and Beyonce are enjoying the moment, watching him sing along.

And as the announcers noted, his main supporter during the fight was his very pregnant girlfriend, so given that context, maybe “Halo” does make sense for his song — it’s a track about realizing someone loves you unconditionally and how that love makes them seem angelic. Plenty of pregnant women wouldn’t want to be in a UFC ring during that sometimes difficult and exhausting time, but Perry has that, so perhaps his girlfriend deserves the song as a tribute.

Sadly, as USA Today notes, Perry did still lose his fight. But that has nothing to do with the Beyonce song in my book.