A Last-Minute Injury May Have Just Hurt One Of WrestleMania’s Biggest Matches

What at first sounded like Twitter conjecture is now being reported by sites like PWInsider — Bray Wyatt has suffered an ankle injury, and it could compromise tonight’s marquee WrestleMania 31 match against The Undertaker:

An hour or so ago, Bray Wyatt was working out in the ring when it appeared he sprained his ankle. He was taken by cart to the back of the stadium. If he is limping during his match tonight with The Undertaker, you will know.

We’ll try not to overstate this, but that “he was taken by a cart to the back of the stadium” sounds pretty severe. Even if it’s a minor sprain, the timing couldn’t be worse. Not only is tonight a WrestleMania match with the Undertaker, but it’s the culmination of a two-month storyline Wyatt has mostly shouldered by himself. Undertaker has been off television since last year’s Mania, and now months of flaming coffins, burning rocking chairs and thunderous sound effects could all be for nothing.

We’ll provide updates when we have them. Or we’ll just shrug and say, “oh, never mind — thanks internet” if Wyatt shows up to the match. Or we’ll play a fun game of trying to figure out how many pain killers he’s taken to get through it.