A Prison Inmate Has Sued WWE’s Natalya For Allegedly Making Him Her Sex Slave

07.09.14 4 years ago 17 Comments


This is literally the happiest Natalya has ever looked. Just sayin’. 

No, a sentient SEO robot didn’t generate that headline — this is a real thing that actually happened.

Christopher Donnelly is a prisoner in Pennsylvania, a state that, apparently, gives their prisoners far too much access to Total Divas (far too much being “any at all”) as the clearly delusional Donnelly has accused WWE Diva Natalya of being an “evil dominatrix” who abused him mentally and sexually between 2005 and 2009.

According to Donnelly, Natalya beat him in hotel rooms across the country, forced him into prostitution and aborted his baby. No word on if she ever used a modified Sharpshooter on Donnelly during sex, or if he finally managed to escape her firm Canadian grasp when Summer Rae appeared outside a hotel room window to distract her.

Donnelly was looking for $250,000 in damages for mental and psychological trauma, but yesterday a Florida judge dismissed the case, likely on the grounds of it being completely f*cking stupid.

Man, if “Natalya discovers lunatic inmate has a boner for her and TJ gets jealous about it” isn’t a storyline on the next season of Total Divas, E! has no idea what they’re doing.

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