Mexico’s AAA Comments On Their Champion Alberto Del Rio Showing Up In WWE

10.26.15 3 years ago 9 Comments


In case you missed WWE Hell in a Cell on Sunday night, this is a real thing that happened:

Oh, haha, oops, how’d that get there?? I mean this:

Alberto Del Rio made his return to WWE with new manager, an also-returning Zeb Colter. With John Cena off to… do whatever it is John Cena does in his downtime for the next few months, Del Rio returned to defeat him for the U.S. title and reign in his absence.

Del Rio spent more than a year away from WWE, and during that time made it very clear that he was not happy with the culture of racism in the company, including from NXT daddy figure Triple H. As Alberto El Patron, he hit the independent circuit like a house of fire, cutting anti-WWE promos in places like Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore. He stopped in Ring of Honor for a bit, working four matches, including one for the World Television title against a defending Jay Lethal. His return to Mexico was the most successful, with Del Rio looking the happiest he had looked in a long time. After his 90-day non-compete agreement expired, he got back in the ring and eventually won AAA’s Mega Championship. He would go on to defend that belt on Lucha Underground, but never win the Lucha Underground title.

Del Rio still holds AAA’s Mega Championship, making it a little confusing as to what’s going to happen. There have been rumors that WWE is trying to partner with AAA to boost their marketability to Latin fans (like the Latin Grammys with more tope suicidas), and also bolster a planned push for more cruiserweight-style wrestlers in NXT. AAA’s president Dorian Roldan had the following to say in response to Del Rio’s reappearance in WWE:

Translated (for those of you who don’t have the little translate button, I suppose), Roldan says, “More news soon!” To be honest, it feels less like a Jeff Jarrett-style announcement of things to come (more announcements), and instead like it should have just been 30 of those distressed cold sweat emojis. We’re not sure what comes next for Del Rio in either company, but the rumour mill should get plenty interesting in the meantime.

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