Abdullah The Butcher’s History Of Carnage Through The Ages

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Lawrence Shreve, best known as WWE Hall of Famer Abdullah the Butcher, turns 77 years old on January 11th. In celebration of this momentous event, I thought we would take a look at seven fun things from the career of the only Canadian to ever be billed as the Madman from the Sudan.

1. Hall Of Fame Soundtrack

I’ve written about Abdullah turning Sam Houston inside out and fighting Manny Fernandez for a hat in a stadium filled with bees, but one of the best things about Abdullah the Butcher is his amazing taste in entrance music.

I think everyone who knows me knows that The Midnight Express theme is going to play at my funeral, but Abdullah coming out to the rocking opening track of my favorite Pink Floyd album ever is a pretty solid 1a as far as entrance music goes.

Someday I hope to witness my dream scenario of having a wrestler come to the ring with “Echoes” as their entrance music and taking the entire 23:36 before they step on the apron. There is something beyond hilarious to me about WWE needing to take two commercial breaks just to get a guy into a four-minute squash against Bo Dallas. I hope it’s Bobby Roode.

Fun Side Note: If you start “Echoes” and the “Jupiter and Beyond” section of 2001: A Space Odyssey, they sync up exactly. Unlike other Pink Floyd movie myths, this one actually fits — to the second — and is supremely unsettling.

Kubrick is quoted as saying Pink Floyd would be the only band that he would ever have score one of his films. The movie came out in 1968. The album came out in 1971. Just sayin’.

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