TNA’s Abyss Turned Down A WWE Deal And A Chance To Wrestle The Undertaker

If we’re ranking The Undertaker’s unlikeliest opponents, I’d have to say that Brad Maddox in a turkey costume would be number one with a bullet. But now that we live in a world where that actually happened, let’s talk about someone else who might appear on that list.

TNA’s resident masked behemoth Abyss was the guest on Wednesday’s edition of The Ross Report, and he revealed some information to Jim Ross that suggests he was in position for a high-profile match with the Phenom himself. To set the stage, this takes place in 2006 when TNA’s contract with Abyss had run out and he was being scouted by John Laurinaitis and Tommy Dreamer.

“I was inches away from going. I decided at the last minute not to go.

…[At TNA] I was part of something from the ground up and I just couldn’t walk away from it, versus taking the chance of going somewhere else and being just a number.

…The idea was for me to come in at the Royal Rumble that year, and then go on to work with Undertaker at WrestleMania that year. That was never set in stone or anything like that, but that was the rumblings, or at least what I was hearing back.”

For the record, the WrestleMania in question is WrestleMania 23, where The Undertaker eventually ended up doing battle with Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. But just think about it for a second: We almost had Abyss jumping ship to WWE. How would that have changed the landscape of things? In the alternate universe where it happened, is there still a Joseph Park angle? Come on, WWE would never commit to a storyline where a masked giant schizophrenically jumps between personalities, that would just… hey, wait a minute.