The Aces And Ehs Of Impact Wrestling 01/04/18: Never Send A Boy To Do A Man’s Job

01.17.18 2 years ago 3 Comments

Impact Wrestling

Hello, and welcome to weekly Impact Wrestling coverage on With Spandex. And also welcome to me, LaToya Ferguson, your recapper and friend. As the saying goes, “New year, new you.” Yes, with Impact Wrestling, the saying is usually “New month, new you,” but it’ll still be nice to see the show’s new version of you. Unfortunately, that doesn’t start this week, because we’re still on the things taped many moons ago. Many, many, American Top moons ago.

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Previously: There were two weeks of 2017 recaps, but before that, Sami Callihan got Konnan with the ol’ fireball to the face. Oh, and James Storm offered his career up in a match against American Top Team’s Dan Lambert, but that should be nothing to worry about, right? Right?!?

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