McMahonsplaining, The With Spandex Podcast Episode 44: ACH


This week we’re back to full strength to talk season 2 of Netflix’s best show, GLOW, and Bill and Emily continue their awesome PCW Ultra interview series with the one and only ACH. You may know Super ACH from New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and anywhere smart enough to see a guy this talented and go, “oh, shit, we should put him on our card.” Topics of conversation include the merits of star ratings (at the Sizzler), Dave Meltzer’s opinion of Will Ospreay (and his own), Jordan vs. LeBron and, of course, Tiger Mask.

In a completely unrelated outro, we get on the topic of what the hell’s happening with Brock Lesnar and the WWE Universal Championship, so make sure you stick around for that. As always, make sure you send your thoughts and questions to We’ll read the best emails on the show, and we’ll send you fun prizes in the mail.

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