This NXT Hopeful Will Try To Win Gold At The Upcoming 2016 Olympics

From Kurt Angle to Hiroshi Hase to Mad Dog Vachon to Chad Gable, there is a long history of pro wrestlers who have competed in the Olympics, and in 2016, you can add another name to the list: Adrian Jaoude.

Jaoude signed with NXT in October of last year in the same class as Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl, and indy darlings Christopher Girard (Biff Busick) and Rich Swann. Jaoude’s background is in amateur wrestling, and according to, he was named Best Brazilian Wrestler at the senior level on five different occasions, leading to him getting the call that he was chosen to represent his country at the 2016 Olympic games.

NXT trainers Robbie Brookside and Matt Bloom had some high praise for Jaoude both in terms of his WWE career and in making it to the games in Rio, via:

“Adrian’s come into the group and his natural ability has shone through,” Brookside said. “It’s still very early in his career, but thus far, he’s come in and picked things up – footwork, balance, attitude, application and holds. He’s got a great appreciation and understanding of what it’s all about and puts it to great use.”

WWE Performance Center Head Coach Matt Bloom concurred.

“To be as successful as he’s been, you need to have that desire to be the best in whatever you do. Adrian has that,” Bloom explained. “He understands that this is a whole new process, with new techniques. He knows that by working harder than the guy next to him, he’s going to advance. He’s doing just that.”

Even though he’s only been in the company for three months, WWE should absolutely be hyping the crap out of Jaoude’s accomplishment, considering he is the first active WWE wrestler to be competing in the Olympics.  There’s obviously no guarantee that Jaoude’s ability on the amateur side of things will translate to a successful career once he resumes his training at the performance center, but considering the recent success of guys like Angle, Gable, Shelton Benjamin, Jason Jordan, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, and Brock Lesnar, you would think he’s at least got a good shot.