AEW Celebrated The Holidays Off Air With White Claws And Stone Cold Stunners

On next week’s episode of AEW Dark, Joey Janela dresses up like Santa Claus for a match with Shawn Spears. That was taped after AEW Dynamite last night, as Dark usually is, but for the end of AEW’s last show of 2019, there was a final segment that’s not going to be on YouTube (at least not officially).

After the match, Tony Khan, Nick Jackson, Dustin Rhodes, and Cody Rhodes joined Janela, Spears, and referee Aubrey Edwards in the ring, and Spears took several Stone Cold Stunners while everyone celebrated with White Claw brand alcoholic seltzer water. Most notably, Spears was Stunned by the two non-wrestlers in the ring: Aubrey Edwards…

…and AEW President Tony Khan:

Now obviously if Tony Khan started having PPV matches or god forbid winning titles, that would get pretty obnoxious pretty fast. But doing one move for an off-air segment that’s just about having fun with the live crowd and celebrating the end of the year? Sure, why not?

As for Aubrey Edwards, she’s such a badass that part of me kind of wants to see her wrestle one day. But realistically, she’s such a good referee that it’s probably best if she sticks with that role. She already feels like one of the stars of AEW.

But honestly, the most AEW thing of all is probably paying homage to Steve Austin while drinking White Claw instead of beer.