AEW Dynamite Cruised To Another Ratings Victory Over NXT

AEW Dynamite continued to edge out WWE NXT in the Wednesday night ratings war this week, per Showbuzz Daily.

AEW’s pre-taped Chris Jericho Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea edition of Dynamite, featuring an AEW Tag Team Championship match and a number one contender match for the AEW Championship (while everyone was on a boat), brought in 871,000 viewers. In comparison, Wednesday’s NXT on USA Network, headlined by a North American Championship match between Keith Lee and Roderick Strong, brought in 769,000. For anyone keeping track, last week’s viewership battle went 940,000 to a flat 700,000, meaning Dynamite’s viewership actually went down by 7% this week, while NXT’s was up by roughly 10%.

In the hotly contested 18-49 demographic, Dynamite’s rating of 0.35 rating topped NXT’s pull of 0.24. The top performers for the night were the NBA game between the New Orleans Pelicans and the San Antonio Spurs, with its 1.01 rating and 2.357 million viewers, and Fox New’s Hannity, with 4.246 million viewers.

AEW has managed to top NXT in viewership so far in every week of 2020. A live New Year’s Day edition of Dynamite pulled big numbers against NXT’s pre-taped year-end special, and while the gap has since closed, AEW also dominated the competition for viewers on both January 8 and January 15 .