AEW’s Kenny Omega May Have Gone Crazy After Losing To Pac At All Out

Kenny Omega isn’t really on a losing streak in All Elite Wrestling, but his win-loss record in singles matches isn’t great. He’s currently 1-2, with a loss with Chris Jericho at Double or Nothing, a win over Cima at Fight for the Fallen, and most recently a high-profile loss to Pac at All Out.

On the latest episode of Being the Elite, it looks like that record may have caused Omega to spiral into madness in a storyline that, if it continues long enough, could be his first on AEW TV.

In the mailbag segment of the episode appropriately titled “What’s Wrong With Kenny?” Omega made an appearance dressed like he was at a wedding and with a different dye job than at All Out, one more reminiscent of his villainous Cleaner days. His mannerisms were very strange as he ignored the mailbag question and said that everyone’s been asking how he’s going to beat Moxley if he lost to Pac. Omega responded that “I love the people. Yeah, it’s the cheers that get me through it, brother,” and continued on a tangent about “cheers” and “the people.”

The episode cut to the Young Bucks, who questioned if they could put this segment in the BTE episode, with Nick saying, “the fans will think he’s gone nuts.” The brothers say Omega is not himself and that Hangman Page is also acting weird after losing his match. (The Bucks are fine though.)

While Omega is extremely psyched out by his high profile loss, Cody has the strongest record in the company after his defeat of Shawn Spears. Being 2-1-0 in singles matches “secured him the number one contender ranking” to face Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship on the Full Gear PPV in November, so he better beat Sammy Guevara in his next singles match on the first episode of AEW TV, right? Or does the result of that effect his title shot? Is there a cutoff for when your record determines your place in the title picture?

The announcement for Cody vs. Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship (an article in which Sports Illustrated had “learned” this was going to happen and then Tony Khan “confirmed the report”), the AEW system was called “similar to the strength of schedule format applied in college football,” so… is Jim Ross the guy we need to ask about this?

There are a lot of questions one could ask about the specifics of how exactly wins and losses impact competition in AEW (Beyond the matches to determine a bye in the first round of the tag title tournament, will they determine the seeding of the bracket?), but this episode of BTE shows that at least some people will respond to them very emotionally.